What can be done when the dentist can't remove the crown from an implant?

I have a total bridge on the bottom of my mouth over implants. It was cemented over the implants. The entire bridge is loose and lifting up except for one tooth. The dentist hasn't been able to get that one tooth to release the bridge. It is very uncomfortable. I can't chew because it moves all over and everything I eat gets stuck under it. What can be done to remove it so it can be recemented?

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Crown over the implant

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implant crown has been cemented over an abutment that is Attached to the dental implant using a screw. 

to remove this crown probably your dentist is trying to remove the screw and the abutment 

If this screw is damaged it is difficult to remove it 

They are techniques/ specific tools to remove brocken/ damaged screws. 

If your dentist is not experienced in this, See a Prosthodontist specialist to help you out. 

Implant Bridge Removal

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You want to remove the bridge before something happens to the one implant the is holding everything down. What your dentist will need to do is drill thru the top of the crown and get to the screw that's holding in the abutment. That abutment is what's still cemented to the crown. Once he gets to the screw, he'll be able to unscrew that piece and the bridge will come out. 

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