Pain after crown on teeth implant, I'm concerned. What's wrong?

I have my implant surgery 8 months ago went very well after 7 months the crown put on. Start hurt around gum bit chewing was ok.Week 3 was pain every time open my mouth pain up to my ear my dentist check gum was heathy 10 days pass i still feel pain when open my mouth bite pizza or cucumber the pain come and go i really concern what's wrong? Please help

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Pain after implant

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From your description, my first thought would be muscle pain which causes pain when opening or chewing.  This can be caused by your bite being off with the new implant crown.  Even the occlusion (bite) being off a little bit on the implant can cause big problems with opposing tooth pain and muscle issues. I would recommend returning to your dentist to discuss.  Have your occlusion checked and adjusted if needed.  Your dentist may also recommend a night guard to wear and protect you investment.  

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Pain after crown placed ... #DrSarahThompson

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Sounds like you need a small adjustment to the tooth that is opposite the crown.  The pain seemed to be the result of the crown placement, so an adjustment would be the first thing to try.  It only takes about 5 minutes in the dental chair and doesn't even require a numbing shot.  Usually very fast and pain free.  I hope this helps.  Click save under my name below if you have more questions in the future.

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