I know the minimum time you need to wait to have dental implants. What is the maximum time allowed?

I had a back molar removed last year as the crown was split. Right now, though, I don't have the money for an implant, but I hope to soon. What would be the longest time I could safely wait? It's not that big of a deal cosmetically as you can't see it when I smile. But I still want to get it done when I can afford it.

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Immediate Dental Implants

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In most cases we do immediate dental implants (at the time of tooth extraction) or do a socket preservation/bone grafting, this helps maintain bone to place an implant at a later date.

Maximum bone loss happens in the first year after tooth extraction and it is best to get a dental implant during this time to avoid additional bone grafting procedures later. 

Having said this, we several times have patients come to us years after they had their teeth removed to get dental implants, and occasionally they have good bone. So, it impossible to predict the maximum time you could wait for after an extraction prior to implant placement. Sooner the better.

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Dental implant and available bone

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it is a well known fact that jaw Bone resorbs after tooth extraction

Average bone loss is 50% bone loss within the first year 

So it is difficult to answer your question 

You should not wait too long and when  the time comes that you are ready, the site will need to be evaluated for available bone 

Waiting Time For an Implant

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Depending on which tooth was removed, there are only 2 reasons that delaying an implant placement can be an issue. The first is that when you lose a tooth, the bone starts to shrink and having sufficient bone is of prime importance to place the implant. The other issue is that your teeth can shift thereby affecting the implant placement and your overall bite. Mind you, both of these issues don't happen overnight, so you do have some time to have the implant, though it's hard to give you a true time frame. My best answer to this question always is, the sooner you have an implant placed, the better. I hope this helps!

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