Can an impacted wisdom tooth be replaced with an implant at the correct angle?

36 male. I have a wisdom tooth that is quite decayed and was impacted, angled to the outside of the mouth and a flap of gum at the back of the lower, however it seems to be in good condition and fully emerged. I never really ate on those teeth due to the wisdom tooth being a bit loose and painful even before the previous filling I had. My question is could the upper tooth be replaced with an implant therefore making use of the lower? are wisdom implants more risky/tricky? implant/heal-implant?

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Dental Implant

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You do not need to replace the wisdom tooth with a dental implant.  Extract the tooth and leave it.  You do not need it.  Good luck.

Replacing a wisdom tooth with an implant

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Hi and thank you for your question. As an Oral Surgeon, I do not advice anyone to replace a wisdom tooth with implants or even to restore a decayed wisdom tooth. You will function properly without the wisdom tooth in place. Good luck to you.

Implant for wisdom tooth

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Implants are not typically used to replace wisdom teeth (third molars).

From your description, I would recommend extraction of the wisdom tooth in question and there will be no need to consider an upper implant to oppose it.

You will have adequate function without both teeth with no adverse impact on your oral health.

Rami Jandali, DMD, MS
Farmington Prosthodontist

Dental extraction

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Hi, thanks for write... I recommend to extract the wisdom tooth before you get an infection, normally people extract the wisdom teeth without replace because is not necessary. Good luck 

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