How Do I Get Rid of These Hideous Spots? (photo)

For years now I have had these disgusting scars located beneath my belly button area. Ive searched google and no one seems to address this issue. When I was little, I began shaving. I shaved everywhere. I had developed ingrown hair on my tummy and after the hairs were plucked, these scars made them self at home on my stomach. At the age 17 now, I find myseld extremely self consious of these black marks. Please help and assist me in ridding these stomach bullies!! Thank you sooooo much!!

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How to Remove Dark Scars on Belly Button?

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Hi Curious.  The first step is laser hair removal.  Once you permanently remove the hair (Yag laser for your skin type), then you can start working on the scars.  We would use hydroquinone (6%) or q-switched lasers to get rid of dark marks after the hair removal treatments are completed.

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Dark spots from ingrown hairs - Melarase Cream

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I would recommend Melarase cream and MelaPads for at least three months for these discolored scars on your abdomen. These are most likely caused by ingrown hairs and acute PIH.

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