How Can I Remove my Discolored Chicken Pox Mark on my NOSE?

I am a teen and I got chiken pox when I was very little, about 1 year old Unfotunately I scratched those marks, and now I have one big scar on my nose. And this scar makes me feel very discouraged. It is oval shaped. And 3-4 tones darker than my skin tone. I have tan skin, and the colour of the scar is brownish. What can I do to remove it? And the big question is that can I remove it. I was thinking of permanent make up or filler injections to hide it? I don't want to do surgery, since I'm pretty small.

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Melarase and MelaPeel for dark discolored scars on the face

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I treat discolored scars on the face with topical Melarase cream followed by once monthly MelaPeel treatments.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Chicken Pox Scars Respond Well To A Combination of Subcision and Medical Microneedling

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Depressed Scars from a variety of causes, acne, trauma, surgery, infections and chicken pox can often be effectively raised until they are flush with the surface via subcision. Subcision, which is performed under local, involves the insertion of a needle below the scar that is used to break up the abnormal scar tissue, allow the surface of the scar to float to the surface and become more flush with the surrounding skin. Tissue fluids containing wound healing and growth factors fill the space created by this procedure and stimulate new, native collagen production leading to a permanent improvement in the scar. Between two and four treatments, spaced at six week intervals (the time needed for collagen induction) are typically required to achieve gratifying results.

The surface discoloration can be treated with a combined regimen that consists of medical microneedling in-office treatments with home use of home-microneedling rollers combined with bleaching agents. Performed in the office, medical microneedling may be done using topical or local anesthesia (in the case of an isolated pox scar, local would be ideal) and consists of using a hand held device (Dermastamp) that makes microperforations in the skin to break up the discolored surface of the scar and to permit regrowth of new, often lighter, more normal appearing skin. I combine such treatments with the application of a skin tone lightening agent, which has a greater likelihood of penetration when applied to freshly treated skin. Medical microneedling also requires two to four treatments in a series. So, very often, to save time, I perform both simultaneously. Doing both together for an isolated chicken pox scar should not take more than five minutes.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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