Can rhinoplasty affect ones singing voice?

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Rhinoplasty and singing voice

A rhinoplasty may affect a singing voice but usually does not.  Other factors such as septal correction or turbinate reduction may cause voice changes.  Discuss with a board certified surgeon with nasal surgery experience.   Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Can rhinoplasty affect ones singing voice?

The answer is yes.  I would cringe if Barbara Streisand walked into my office wanting a Rhinoplasty.  If you are a professional singer, discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon prior to your surgery.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Can rhinoplasty affect ones singing voice?

The answer is yes, possibly.  If one's airway is changed, it can affect the vocal resonance for singers.  With that being said, usually the change is minor and is often for the better as it can improve a "nasally" sounding voice.  If you are considering a rhinoplasty, you should seek consultation with a facial plastic surgeon with expertise in managing the nasal airway.  Best of luck.

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Nose surgeryand singing

Geisha2264,in over 25 years of specializing in facial plastic surgery I have never had a patient complain of this problem but anecdotally I've heard from other physicians of a rare patient where this has been a concern. Septoplasty would be my major concern. Hard to imagine a pure rhinoplasty having this issue but I've learned over time to never say never. Should you be a professional take this into consideration. Good luck!

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Can rhinoplasty affect ones singing voice?

The answer is yes, rhinoplasty can alter nasal airflow and resonance and can change your singing voice. If you are a professional it is something to think about.

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Rhinoplasty and the singer's voice

There are two main issues with having a rhinoplasty and its effect on the singer's voice. First, some physicians prefer to have their patients under general anesthesia, so a breathing tube must be inserted between the vocal cords. While this is usually an innocuous procedure, in theory, the vocal cords can be injured. This is something we discuss with singers,  although permanent injury to the vocal cords is a rare occurrence.
The second issue is vocal resonance. I have had patients notice a change in their vocal resonance after sinus surgery, but most do not complain very much about changes in resonance after septoplasty. A purely cosmetic surgery will likely not produce any changes in vocal resonance, but septoplasty may cause some subtle changes.I would have a professional singer think very seriously about septorhinoplasty surgery (notice that Barbra Streisand never had her nose fixed..but Michael Jackson had many, many surgeries on his nose, which didn't seem to affect his singing.)

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