Does this appear to be the normal healing process? Did my implant move? What could this be ? Implants bottomed out maybe?(photo)

7 weeks post op. This is my 2nd br & BL . I had my 1st done about 5 yrs ago. But it was a total fail. Breast fell within a month. I went back to get the surgery fixed & added 235 cc cilicone for volume. About 3 1/2 weeks discovered I had suture spitting. Causing wounds in the tzone of breast and areola. Told to remove all visual sutures.feel like something isn't right with my breast. They don't look ok. Surgeon said I def. will need scar revision at a future time. Do you think I bottomed out ?

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Does this appear to be the normal healing process after revisionary breast surgery?

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I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing; breast augmentation/lifting surgery is certainly a challenging operation… It is difficult to tell whether the area of concern is related to swelling/inflammation, presence of underlying tissues, or a breast implant related concern.  At this point, there is not much to do but continue local wound care and supportive measures (bra....).  Time will tell, in the longer term, whether you are experiencing a breast implant displacement problem and whether additional surgery will be necessary to improve your outcome. Best wishes.

Breast issue

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I think at this point your goal is to get your wounds to heal without getting an infection or issue with your implants. Best of luck.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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