Blocked Nose and Mouth Breathing After Septorhinoplasty

i have done rhinoseptoplasy 4 weeks ago,i feel fulness into my nose and i do mouth breathing. will this go away?

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Congestion after rhinoplasty

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Typically, the nose is more congested for a few weeks following rhinoplasty. This occurs because the inner lining of the nose is swollen and the nose is producing more secretions than usual. At four weeks out, you should be noticing an improvement in your symptoms. Often, irrigation of the nose with saline spray can help to reduce crusting and dryness, which can contribute to your difficulty breathing. You should make an appointment to see your surgeon to see if there is any such crusting which can be easily removed. 

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Nose Blocked 4 weeks after rhinoplasty

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At 4 weeks your breathing should be getting back to normal. If you still feel stuffed up have you surgeon look inside your nose. It could be some dried mucous and/or blood.



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