Waiting Time for 2nd Septoplasty?

I had a septorhinoplasty done 4 months ago, and I know I will need a revision of the septum. The first surgery I had my septum straighten along with spreader grafts put in. Also the tip of my nose was brought in. During the healing process my septum noticeable bowed to one side, making it very difficult to breath on that side. I have heard you are supposed to wait a year before the revision, but since I know for sure the septum is bowed (and it's not swelling issues), do I have to wait a fill yr

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In general, most surgeons recommend a 6-12 month period of waiting, before considering any surgery.  This is to allow the healing and scarring process to achieve equilibrium.  It is very difficult to operate with tissue which is thick and stiff.

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Revision Septoplasty AFTER 6 Months

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Most surgeons ask their patients to wait a minimum of 6 months before undergoing any surgical revision to the nose.  It can take that long for everything to settle and maintain its shape in the nose.  After that point, it is usually safe to go back in and revise anything that may be necessary.

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