How Can a Rhinoplasty Help Me? David Bowie nose

I have a short, bulbous, upturned nose with huge nostrils. I wish to have a more chiselled nose which is defined sharply and doesn't turn up at the end, and I want nostril size reduction. I want it to be a similar shape to David Bowie's. Basically not like a pig nose but dont want it to look like I've had surgery either. Would this suit my face better? if not what would? What procedure would you use for your suggested changes? what would that cost? how much can be changed w/out it looking fake?

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Rhinoplasty for the short, piggy nose.

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RhInoplasty for the short piggy nose involves lengthening the nose with a cartilage and or skin graft from the sept and or ear. The tip can be refined as well to make the nose look natural. The cost is between $7500 and $10,000. Make sure you see an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty for short, bulbous and upturned nose

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Among the many rhinoplasty techniques there are several that can be performed to create the desired change.  A shortened and upturned nose can be lengthened with extended spreader grafts and trimming back the most posterior portion of the caudal septum.  Huge nostrils can be reduced by alarplasty incisions.  The cost for a rhinoplasty is approximately $7000 for a primary and $8000 for a revision rhinoplasty.  

William Portuese, MD
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Should you get a rhinoplasty?

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In short, you would benefit from a rhinoplasty and also consider a chin implant.  That being said, keep in mind, there are many people with your features that are very happy with their appearance and would not want a change at all.  In fact, there are those that request an upturned nose with a little nostril show.  Nevertheless, you are asking what can be done.  The tip of your nose is "over rotated' and a rhinoplasty would "counter rotate" the tip, or pull it down such that it is less piggy and less nostril show.  Will it suit your face better?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Some changes make someone look better and some make a person a look a little different, but the patient perceives that difference as an improvement. So, again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   Incidentally, the more change there is, the more your face will change, but it does not have to look fake.  It can be a very natural appearance.  Incidentally, since I mentioned the chin implant, let me explain.  The profile view of the nose is influenced by the chin placement.  The more retrusive the chin, the more projected the nose appears. If you want the nose to look smaller, a chin implant can help.   Best, Dr. Phil

Philip J. Miller, MD, FACS
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Can a Rhioplasty help me?

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Yes but you have a difficult nose to work on with Rhinoplasty as the tip is over rotated at this point.  The tip can be thinned and rotated downward.  The sides, of the nostrils, not the height can also be reduced.  A chin implant should be considered to strengthen the weak chin to balance your profile.  Not sure of your age but if you're under 18, be sure to discvuss this with your parents.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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