Can Rhinoplasty Turn My Nose From Bulbous & Upturned to Refined & Sharper?

I have a very short, bulbous, upturned nose with huge nostrils which I think looks terribly ugly. I want a much sharper, less rounded nose which is not upturned. Maybe something similar to David Bowie who also has a small nose but it is much more chiselled. I would insist that it looked 100% natural, I couldn't bear having an obvious nose job. How far could my desired shape be achieved whilst looking natural? I want an experienced surgeon how much would I have to pay in the US (UK if known)??

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Rhinoplasty for Bulbous, Short Nose

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I think it is reasonable to think that rhinoplasty could help you achieve a nice, natural looking nose that is in better balance with your facial features. This would require, in my opinion, an open rhinoplasty approach to counter rotate the nasal tip while lengthening the nose. In all likelihood, this would necessitate rib grafting in order to get a sufficient amount of strong, resilient cartilage for structural grafting. At the same time, the tip could be refined to give a less bulbous appearance. In order to attain this type of change while maintaining a natural look to the nose, you need to be in the hands of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who has a fair amount of experience in lengthening the short nose - one of the hardest maneuvers to perform correctly in the world of rhinoplasty. As far as costs are concerned, you are looking at someone between $7000-9000 in most major metropolitan cities in the United States.

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Refined nose

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You can achieve many of the things you are looking for with rhinoplasty including derotation, refinement and thinning. It will be your nose though, not David Bowie's. Make sure you have a consult with computer imaging so you can be certain you will be happy with the proposed changes.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lengthening and refining the nose

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The desired proportions of your nose can be achieved with surgery.  It would require cartilage grafts for lengthening, either from your septum or possibly a rib.  The tip can be refined significantly as well.  There are some limitations to what can be done based on your starting point, but I believe your expectations are attainable, and  reasonable.

Leif Rogers, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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