Wearing Eyeglasses After Rhinoplasty?

I am thinking about getting a nose job but I am really concerned about the whole "no eyeglasses" rule. I literally cannot function without wearing glasses all the time and unfortunately, I just developed an allergy to my contacts so contacts are not an option. I have read how you can tape your glasses and all that but is that really possible for 8 weeks during recovery, especially that I need to go to work and be in public?

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Thank you for your quesiton.

By about three weeks after the surgery, the nasal bones are pretty solid. Until then, you can wear your glasses over your splint. Once the splint is removed(usually 4-5 days), you can either tape your glasses to your forehead or you can by a small device that allows for your glasses to rest on your cheeks. You can find this in most pharmacies. This is a common issue with rhinoplasty patients. If you really want to change your nose, don't let a few weeks of looking awkward stand in the way.

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Dr. Speron

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Do Not Wear Eyeglasses for At Least 4 Weeks Following Rhinoplasty

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                  We recommend that patients don’t wear eyeglasses for at least four weeks following rhinoplasty. During this period the nasal bones aren’t totally healed and slight pressure can cause distortion, indentation and secondary nasal deformities.

In patients who are dependent upon their eyeglasses alternative strategies are occasionally necessary. When nasal splints are present, eye glasses can be placed directly on top of these stable structures without concern. The splints are usually removed after the first week and other approaches become necessary.

                  We often recommend taping the eyeglasses to the forehead. In some cases additional padding can be attached to the nasal eyeglass pads as well.

                  When patients require eyeglasses to function these maneuvers represent a significant disruption of daily activities. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that the benefits of rhinoplasty will last an entire life time. 

Wearing Eyeglasses After Rhinoplasty

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During recovery for a rhinoplasty, it's best to allow for your nose to properly heal. If you wear glasses, then you should either tape them onto your forehead or use some sort of cushion like foam to wedge in between your glasses and nose. This will allow you to wear your glasses but not disrupt your nose from healing. You should do this for about four weeks and then you can wear your glasses normally. I would recommend consulting with your facial plastic surgeon beforehand for the best results.

Carlo P. Honrado, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Eyeglasses After Rhinoplasty

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This is a common problem for those dependent on eyeglasses for vision. While it is best to avoid the glasses if possible, there are some accommodations which work.

Taping the glasses to the forehead so they barely make contact with the nose is one option, though it isn't great if you must be with at work face-to-face with other people.

Some glasses are ultra-light and barely put any pressure on the nose. If you put small pads on the nose pieces of the frames this can be acceptable. Some frames are designed to barely rest on the nose, and depending on the rhinoplasty techniques used these may be acceptable.

Your surgeon can also make a small plastic frame out of splint material that rests between the nose and the eyeglass frame. This can be socially acceptable and protect the nose for the first four weeks after surgery.

So it is not hopeless! We have several ways to work around the problem.

Ira D. Papel, MD
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon
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No glasses for 4 weeks

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 In most cases, waiting a month or so is sufficient for not wearing glasses after a rhinoplasty.  However, you should follow the instructions from your surgeon.  Additionally, if you need to wear your glasses, take a piece of tape to suspend them from your forehead, so they do not rest on your nose.

Wearing eyeglasses may be considered two to three weeks following rhinoplasty surgery.

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The first postopeative week after rhinoplasty, you can put your glasses on your nasal splint. We often fashion a new light aluminum splint to place on the bridge of your nose, after your dressing is removed, so you can continue wearing your glasses until your nasal bones heal. Hope this helps. Dr Joseph.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyeglasses after rhinoplasty

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The first consideration is whether your surgeon is going to perform osteotomies (breaking the nasal bones) or not.  If not, then there is no real risk of wearing the glasses other than temporary weird indentations where the glasses rest and pushing on the swollen soft tissue.  If there are osteotomies, listen to your surgeon, but in general, pressure should not be placed on the nasal bones for several weeks afterwards.  Lighter glasses that distribute the weight are better than heavier ones with narrow foot pads.  People become pretty creative with taping the glasses to their forehead or suspending them from the bill of a baseball cap, etc.  Eight weeks is pretty long, but everyone has their own post-op regimen that they advise.

Sirius K. Yoo, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyeglasses after nasal surgery

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Some glasses are supported on the nasal bridge while others are bridge less. You should not put pressure on the nasal dorsum for four weeks after surgery. You can also tape the glasses up onto your forehead. I know it sounds dorky but many patients do this for driving. You can also pad the nosepieces with foam. There are plenty of variations so I would not allow this to detract from your surgical goals.

Wearing Eyeglasses After Rhinoplasty

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It’s okay to wear eyeglasses on top of your splint for the first week, but after that I really recommend that patients do not wear eyeglasses for 4 weeks. After that patients can resume wearing eyeglasses. That is really to minimize the indentation of the swelling on
the bridge of your nose.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Acceptable to wear glasses for short periods of time

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With respect to wearing eyeglasses after a rhinoplasty, it is acceptable to wear glasses for short periods of time intermittently after two to three weeks post rhinoplasty. Just be cognizant of the fact that they will leave small impressions over the bridge of the nose where the nose is still swollen, but this will not affect the overall final results of the rhinoplasty.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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