Hard Bump Under Eye Corner After Rhinoplasty

I just got Rhinoplasty about 4 days ago. Most of the swelling has gone down, but I just recently discovered a bump, more like a sharp bone, under the corner of my eye/top of my nose. I am positive that this occurred after the surgery; could it be more swelling? My surgery included trimming down the bump of the nose, and narrowing down the sides.

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Rhinoplasty bump

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You may be feeling the spot where the bones were broken ( or osteotomized).  Check with your doctor to make sure.  Minor irregularities and slight bumps under the skin are common after rhinoplasty. 

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Bump after rhinoplasty

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It is possible that the bump is where the surgeon broke your nasal bones.  This is often palpable but not visible and tends to resolve with time, you should consult your surgeon to be sure.

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Bump after Rhinoplasty

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When removing a bump during rhinoplasty surgery, the nasal bones are usually broken and repositioned. You may be feeling one of those fracture lines. It would be an exercise in futility to evaluate and give advice four days after surgery. Be patient. You will continue to heal and improve.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Bump After Rhinoplasty

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There are many different maneuvers performed to reshape the nose. In order the take a hump down and narrow the nose, the bones on the side of the nose which support the nose typically needs to be broken (osteotomy). At 4 days out from surgery, there is going to be a lot of swelling and bruising. It is way to early to assess to final outcome and contour of the nose. If there is still a bump there after several months, it might be the transition point of where the bones were surgically broken. Sometimes the bumps may also be due the the deposition of bone in the fracture line that with time will resolve. Your surgeon can explain what he did during surgery to alleviate your worries.

T.Y. Steven Ip, MD, FACS
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