Is There a Way to Increase Nose Length?

Is there a way to add length to my nose without changing its height? My nose is short (in length) and there is some extra space between the nose base and upper lip.

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Lengthening a Short Nose

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There are various rhinoplasty techniques that can effectively lengthen the nose. The technique used depends on the overall shape of the nose.

In order for the nose to appear natural, there must be balance between the bridge height, the lenght of the bridge, and the amount of tip projection. A general rule of thumb for the ideal nasal proportion is that the amount of tip projection should equal about 2/3 of the nasal length.

In order for the patient to really get a good understanding of how surgery will change the appearance of the nose (and their overall facial appearance) it is important to meet with a surgeon who can show you graphically (either with computer morphing software or with tracings on photographs) how the proposed changes will make you nose look.

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Yes the nose can be made to look longer

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Yes, there are ways to visually lengthen the nose and this usually is done using grafts.

Many people think that older persons noses lengthen as they age. In reality, the tip of the nose loses support and falls. This creates the illusion of a longer nose.

In many ways, we do the same thing when we want to make a younger person's nose appear longer.

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