Should I Have a Revision Upper Blepharoplasty to Fix Asymmetry from High Incision?

Hi, I had a blepharoplasty of both eyelids two years ago to help deal with lash ptosis. However, after the healing and swelling subsided (post 1 year), the crease on my right eyelid was much higher than the left exposing the lid on the right more, and causing asymmetry. Upon looking at the photos immediately after surgery, my oculoplastic surgeon told me the incision on the right eye was 2 mm higher than the left. Is there any revision that can be done to fix this and what is the success rate

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Revision of Blepharoplasty Incision Position

Lowering a malpositioned eyelid crease after a Blepharoplasty can be very challenging esp. if there is minimal skin left in the upper lid.  If there enough skin and soft tissue left above the crease, it may be possible to use this tissue to reposition the crease inferiorly.  In my opinion, it is less difficult to lower the crease in these circumstances than to attempt to raise the crease where there is almost always a lack of skin to lift.  Key to determining if the repositioning you seek may be possible is a detailed consultation with a  plastic surgeon who is experienced in eyelid revision procedures.

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Changing the incision crease on upper lids is not easy. It can be done on both upper and lower but, you need to have enough skin to do it.

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Should I Have a Revision Upper Blepharoplasty to Fix Asymmetry from High Incision?

If the asymmetry bothers you, it is possible to revise the blepharoplasty incisions for the lid crease asymmetry. In my opinion it is easier to lower a crease then raise a crease. You should discuss this with your surgeon.

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Upper Eyelid Crease Repositioning

In my experience, adjusting upper eyelid crease (supratarsal crease, orbitopalpebral crease) position is possible, either raising or lowering, to achieve symmetry with contralateral upper lid.  Decide which side you like best, and plan adjustment on other side to match the one you like.

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Lowering bleph incision

Unfortunately, once the incision is made, it is very difficult to lower it significantly.  As an aside, remember that more than likely you had asymmetry between the two lids and one eye lid crease was always a bit different.  Talk with your doc.

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Time for a second opinion.


It is very difficult to lower an eyelid crease.  One of the truly successful ways to do this is by actually raising the eyelid surgically with ptosis surgery.  Only an actual consultation will answer whether this is an option for you.  One year is enough waiting.  If this bothers you, it is reasonable to consider revisional surgery.

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