Uneven Nostrils and Bulbous Tip After Cast Removal

I had revision rhinoplasty & septoplasty 8 days ago to deproject my nose, straighten the septum and to make my nostrils smaller. I had the cast removed yesterday & I am mostly happy with the results but I am concerned that my nostrils are somewhat uneven & the tip is quite bulbous. Would it be correct to say that the assymetry of the nostrils is from swelling? thank you for reading.

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Uneven Nostrils and Bulbous Tip After Cast Removal

Be patient. It is much too early to predict your final result. Remember, none of us is born perfectly symmetric, so it is reasonable to expect that swelling may not be perfectly symmetric. Give it time...

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Early rhinoplasty results

Early after rhinoplasty there may be uneven swelling and asymmetries which may correct with time.  If the problems are still present after a few months then they are likely to stay.

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