Eye is Bloodshot a Week After Blepharoplasty, Should I be Worried? (photo)

On Nov 22 I got a revision lower blepharoplasty in right eye. Everything was fine till I woke up on the 29. My eye was bloodshot and more concerning was the top layer of my eye "scrunches" when I turn my head to the left and my iris to to the outer side of my right eye. A few days later the redness has subsided but the top layer still "scrunches." My eye does not itch and I can close it all the way. I don't know if I have chemosis. I am worried and want it to go away fast.

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Subscleral bruising after a blepharoplasty

If there is any bruising of the lids sometimes this gets under the sclera of the eye.  It is just a loose soft tissue plane.  Neither of these issues is dangerous or abnormal. It sometimes takes several weeks to resolve.

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Chemosis following blepharoplasty

Chemosis is an irritation of the conjunctiva due to exposure.  Tobradex drops and taping the eye closed at night should help resolve the condition.

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
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Bloodshot eyes and blepharoplasty

The condition you have is called chemosis and is rarely serious. This can happen following blepharoplasty and usually resolved with time. I would use artificial tears and an ocular lubricant and follow up with your surgeon.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Healing after blepharoplasty

the eye appears to have some chemosis and bruising..  it appears fairly normal for healing. see you doctor.

ask about blephamid or tobradex drops..  use lacrilube  and tears

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Eye is Bloodshot a Week After Blepharoplasty, Should I be Worried?

 No, this appears to be a conjunctival hemorrhage which is a rupture of a small vessel within the white potion of the eye(s).  It happens with coughing or straining and does occur with eyelid surgery.  It looks bad but is harmless and should dissoilve over the following couple of weeks IMO.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Eye is Bloodshot a Week After Blepharoplasty, Should I be Worried? (photo)

Photos show possible chemosis but best to be examined by your surgeon and an eye expert to be safe. Seek care now. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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This degree of conjunctival swelling a bruising is normal.

The glistening swelling of the white of the eye is called chemosis.  The amount of chemosis you are manifesting is mild.  We think using artificial tears during the day and at bedtime use of bland ophthalmic ointment will help speed the resolution of this swelling.  Untimately you simply need more time to have the swelling resolve. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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