Will Resuming Smoking 4 Weeks After Open Rhinoplasty Affect the Final Result?

I know smoking is bad and I am going to try to quit soon but I need an answer please!

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May be okay but ask your surgeon

It's extremely important that patients avoid the use of alcohol and cigarettes before and after surgery since these inhibit the recovery process. You should not drink or smoke in the three weeks leading up to the nose job operation and for another three weeks afterward. It may be safe for you to drink 4 weeks after your surgery, but you should ask you surgeon for their advice as they may have different guidelines.

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Is smoking 4 weeks after open Rhinoplasty OK?

Smoking decreases the body's ability to heal after surgery and should be avoided or severly limited, IMHO.  If you absolutely must smoke, do as little as possible and do not inhale the smoke through your nose as it contains chemicals that will irritate the nasal mucosa and incision lines inside the nose.  As always, it's best for you to ask your Rhinoplasty surgeon these questions.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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You are correct. Smoking is bad and this is ab excellent time to quit. I assume you stopped for your procedure.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Smoking can prolong healing in nasal surgery.

Exposing your nose and nasal membranes to cigarette smoke will cause irritation and excess mucous production, leading to infections, constant wiping, burning, and prolonged swelling. Much better to use other means, such as the patch or gum, to get your nicotine fix, which should be more than ample since it appears you have been able to stop smoking for at least 4 weeks post op as well as 1 to 2 weeks pre op. Besides, your family and co-workers will, I'm sure, be happier. 

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Smoking after rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, smoking after rhinoplasty, even after just four weeks will have little affect on your result. Of course, smoking is not the best idea, but it should not cause you much trouble.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Does smoking effect healing after rhinoplasty?

There are several things that occur when you smoke after nasal surgery.  Smoking effects the small blood vessels thereby diminishing the blood flow to this area.  Healing will be slower.  The second is the toxins in the smoke;  they will deposit in the nose and cause a chemical irritation.  Both of these factors increase the risk of a bad outcome.  Obviously, I would recommend quitting but after 2-3 months there is little chance for a smoking related complication to your nasal surgery.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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Too soon!

It is still too soon to resume smoking after your Rhinoplasty surgery.  The smoke will go through your nose which is still healing and should be treated like a wound.  I would say to wait at least 2 months.  Smoking will slow down your healing and may affect your long term results.


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