Is there a way to make my absorbably sutures dissolve faster?

I had an upper blethroplasty on the 18th dec 2013. Dr used absorbable sutures as it was close to christmas, however I can still see the outer sutures quite visibly and its nearly 2 wks later and I dont want them to be visible when I start work on the 7th jan 14. Is there any way I can make them dissolve quicker?

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Sutures in for two weeks?

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Sutures that are in two weeks need to be removed. Best to contact your surgeon so that he can remove them.  Good luck.

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These sutures need to be removed!

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I guess your surgeon was behind the door when they did the lecture on how long it takes dissolvable sutures to break down.  There are some stitches that do break down in about 6 days ( fast-absorbing gut).  However, it is common for surgeons to use chromic gut.  It no longer surprises me that surgeons do not know how long it takes sutures like vicryl and chromic gut to break down (75 and 90 days respectively).  This means that for the first couple of months, these sutures function like permanent suture.  Unfortunately for optimal healing, it is best to remove these sutures between 6 and 10 days.  Please be a squeaky wheel.  Call your surgeon's office and insist that the sutures be removed.  Tell then you are concerned that the eyelid sutures are not breaking down and are causing scaring.  Don't take no for an answer. 

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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How to Speed up Absorption of Dissolvable Sutures

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Suture remnants certainly could be removed by your surgeon.
Alternatively, absorbable sutures tend to disintegrate faster in a moist environment. One could consider the application of lubricating eye gel.
Talk to your surgeon.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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Absorbable Sutures

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The major reason for utilizing absorbable sutures is to avoid having to remove them. Unfortunately, these sutures often stick around beyond their functional usefulness. After two weeks, these sutures have served their purpose. Under these circumstances, it's reasonable to remove them to minimize inflammation. In patients who are uncomfortable with suture removal, moisturizing these sutures with ointment might speed up the process.

Is there a way to make my absorbably sutures dissolve faster

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If the sutures use are hydrophilic than soaking with water could help dissolve faster. Call your surgeon to find out exactly which type of suture was used.///

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