Best Way to Remove Multiple Lipomas?

Hi, I am Bhupathi and 28 yrs old. I have nearly 300 lipoma in my whole body. Most of the lipoma stayed in arms,legs and stomach. I am searching for the way to remove the Multiple lipoma from my body. I found we have lot of ways- Surgery,Liposuction, Lipodissolve etc.. Which is the best way to remove the lipoma?. Please give some suggestion...

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Removal Of Multiple Lipomas

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You most likely have the diagnosis of familial lipomatosis (other family members will have the same problem). Lipomatosis is believed to be a dominant trait in which multiple lipomas are present. Most are discrete, encapsulated lipomas on the trunk and extremities
Although this condition is benign, many patients concerned with cosmesis seek removal of individual tumors. Treatment can include simple excision, endoscopic removal, or liposuction if large. Liposuction, whether laser Liposuction or traditional will leave some of the lipoma cells behind which over time will probably recur though it may take years.
The cost depends on if it is done in the office or surgery center, type of anesthesia, the time it takes to remove them, experience and qualifications of the surgeon, and geographic location.
Find the most qualified plastic surgeon to take care of this problem.

Multiple Lipomas can be moved quickly with only small scars

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Many lipomas can be removed through small holes made with "punches", small circular blades that remove a small piece of skin like a cookie cutter removes dough. If the lipomas are encapsulated or not adherent to the underlying tissues they can usually be squeezed through these small holes, leaving only small scars. Usually each small lipoma removal takes only 5-10 minutes,

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