Should I Be Concerned if a Lipoma is Painful?

I have multiple lipomas along my rib cage. Recently the one under my ribcage is very painful, to the point where it is disrupting my sleep. When I get them examined, the doctor usually just goes ah ha,...just a lipoma, don't worry about it, they don't hurt. This one does and the other ones at various times will ache. I went to an endocrinologist because I have nodules and a goiter in my thyroid and mentioned it but no one seems to be concerned.

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There's more than one type of lipoma

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Lipomas can occasionally become tender.  In addition, angiolipomas are a variant of lipomas that are often tender.  

Lipomas are generally straightforward to remove if causing pain or discomfort.  Dermatologic surgeons remove these routinely in the outpatient setting with local anesthesia.      

Fort Smith Dermatologic Surgeon

Lipomas are generally not painful.

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This particular lipoma may be pressing on a nerve and that's the cause of pain.  Or else it is not a lipoma.  Since it is causing symptoms, it would make sense to remove it.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Lipomas can hurt

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It is rare for lipomas to cause intense pain.  If anything, they can sometimes cause discomfort, but usually, they are just a nuisance.  If you are having discomfort/pain, you should go back to your doctor.  There is no harm in getting lipomas removed--the best person for this is a general surgeon or plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

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