Is There a Non-surgical Way to Remove Lipomas?

I have lipomas all over my hands, back, stomach and thighs, they are not huge size but they are close to each other, I think just on my hands I have up to 20-25. If I have to go for surgery they have to cut open my hand to remove them, they are so close, is there any remedy like injection Deoxycholate, medicine, etc. if I go for deoxycholate are there side effects like skin diseases etc. please let me know

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Multiple Small Lipomas All Over. Is There a Non-surgical Way to Remove Lipomas?

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I am not aware of any described effective way of using deoxycholate to melt lipomas. Controlling how and exactly where this chemical would be effective is the problem, as well as whether it is even effective for this purpose.

Used on the thighs for so-called mesotherapy, to try to avoid liposuction, I have seen some terrible, widespread depressions and irregularities that really made women unhappy.

My preference for removing any number of lipomas is to melt them with the Smartlipo Triplex 1440 nm computer-controlled laser. If many lipomas are close together, then a group of them are removed using the same 1/4-3/8" access incision. Having so many is really a big challenge, but if done systematically in multiple sessions, you good make good progress on getting them out.

If that is not an option for you, it may make sense to do a low-pressure liposuction procedure using small cannulas as are used for harvesting fat for fat grafting, so that even if they cannot be copletely removed, they can be smoothed out and lowered to the point that they look much less obvious and do not feel so bumpy.

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Non-surgical removal of lipomas

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The simplest method to remove small lipomas below the skin is almost but not quite non-surgical. It's called an extraction technique and involves local anesthetic, a liposuction-type half centimeter incision, and releasing the fat and squeeze it out through the small incision. If it's not a lipoma or it's a layer deeper in the tissues, then this method may not be suitable. 

For large lipomas, liposuction can be used to de-bulk them without a full scale surgical procedure but the lipoma has to be proven to be a lipoma first or during the procedure. Incomplete removal of other types of connective tissue tumors may be inappropriate or even harmful. 

Not all plastic surgeons are apparently aware of the extraction technique for lipomas which is perhaps more commonly done by dermatologists but the key as for most procedures is experience. Ask for an extraction procedure with local anesthetic only and a half centimeter incision for known lipomas in the subcutaneous layer. 

I commonly will do 6-12 of these at one time on patients with multiple lipomas and see them back a few years later to do the next set of lipomas that have become big enough or bothersome enough. It can be done in the office as a walk-in, walk-out procedure for minimal cost. 

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