How to Remove Fat from over Lip

I had fat transferred into my lip 9 years ago. I still have fat that is over my lip. The dr. did a terrible job. My upper lip is bigger than my lower lip. You can see where the excess fat remains right above my lip. It literally looks like a skin mustache. It distorts my smile. A lipo specialist said he could do nothing. Another doctor said mesotherapy with sodium deoxycholate would work or microlip. I am very cautious now.some expert advice on this matter would be greatly received.

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Fat Removal from Lip Augmentation

Fat grafting to the lips is a generally a good option for lip enhancement or augmentation for patients with thin lips. A certain percentage of the transplanted fat will naturally fade away with time from the lips. Steroid injections into the fat may help accelerate the fat resolution. Liposuction is not recommend of the lips. Speak with a plastic surgeon who can help provide appropriate options for you.

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There are different treatment methods that will work

Using a syringe and a very small cannula, your plastic surgeon may be able to a small portion of the fat graft. The other choice in my opinion would be to use a very small amount of Mesotherapy solution containing phosphatidylcholine. The fact that you have had the graft for nine years means that it's certainly not going to absorb on its own.You  may develop a slight depression from the fat graft removal, in which case you would probably have to put a dermal filler in for a smoother look.

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