After Injectable Fillers in Lips, Will Product Migrate in First 48 Hours with Movement?

if injected in lips, will restalyne or juvaderm migrate within the first 48 hours? is it ok to smile, eat, kiss and move my lips around the day of injection? or second day?

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Injectable Fillers in your lips may be forced to move if you apply excessive pressure.

I do not place any specific restrictions on normal activity after a Lip Augmentation procedure with Injectable Fillers. Most fillers would be mobile for up to a month if you forcefully squeeze an area with your thumb and index finger. Smiling, eating and kissing is fine. Avoid lip pinching and you shouldn't see any product migration.

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Restylane or Juvederm can shift alittle in the lips during the first day if there is a lot of pressure on it.

Fillers do great in the lips and are moldable during the first few hours.  They tend to swell for 1-2 days though and can look distorted alittle during that time so the less you tough, kiss or squeeze them, then the less swelling you cause.  Cost:  juvederm or restylane $550/syringe. Permanent lip implants $1500-2000 per lip. 

David Hansen, MD
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Fillers in lips

It is unlikely that fillers injected into the lips will migrate significantly without undue force after the injection more than 48 hours previously.

Steven Wallach, MD
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