What Can Dissolve Subcutaneous Scar Tissue?

I had an accident 5 years ago that resulted in stitches on my forehead. There is still leftover scar tissue underneath my skin. I don't want further "cutting" in this area but was hoping for injections of some kind of chemical/etc to dissolve this tissue. Is it possible?

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Treatments for scar reduction

Raised keloid scars (those that extend beyond the area of the original injury) can be treated with intra-lesional steroid injections, which will flatten it.  It is often combined with a dye laser treatment to increase the tissue remodeling effect.

Atrophic depressed scars can be treated with collagen stimulating treatments such as micro-needling (dermarollers/dermastamps). I usually recommed at least twelve sessions (once per week).  Retinal creams can also be used between these sessions to increase cell turn-over.

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