How to Removal Keloid Formed on Nostril from Nose Piercing?

I have had my nose pierced for 2 1/2 years now and it have developed a keloid around the hole. I would like to have it completely removed, since it is very embarrassing to go out in public with or have anyone get too close to me. I would like to also know the average price for the procedure, and side effects and how long it would take to heal. Thank you!

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Keloids After Piercings Can Be Effectively Treated

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Keloids, which are exhuberant overgrowths of fibrous scar tissue, are not uncommon occurrences in certain individuals, particularly African Americans, and in certain locations, such as between the breasts and between the shoulder blades in all people. They may also frequently develop at sites of piercings, particularly ear piercing holes.

Initial treatment, particularly for small keloids at piercing locations, would be the injection of antiinflammatory corticosteroids, with or without the addition of antiproliferative agents like 5-flurouracil. In general, these are quite effective in shrinking the keloids. One or more sessions may need to performed to shrink the keloid satisfactorily.

In cases, where the keloid is resistant or only partially responsive to treatment, shaving off the keloid flush with the surrounding skin surface, followed by the injection of corticosteroids or the supplemental thrice weekly use of imiquimod, an agent that may enhance immunity and healing, may also prove helpful. 


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A photo would be helpful in determining the appropriate treatment. Steroid injections completed in a series may work. It is best to consult with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon for a definitive answer.

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Keloid after nose piercing

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It would help to see a picture but in most cases, this can be treated on the office with a series of steroid injections or a surgical excision of the scar (cost $500 to $1500 depending on the size of the keloid). You can get more information by seeing a Board Certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.

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