Southern California Keloid Specialist who Accepts PPO Insurance?

I'm a 35 Year Old Latina Who Has Suffered from Earlobe Keloids for Years. I've Had 5 (4 with Kaiser and 1 in Mexico) all that came out of those surgeries were bigger keloids. It's so embarrassing!! I recently added PPO to my medical insurance hoping to find a specialist that will take my insurance. Is there any keloid specialist in Southern California that takes PPO insurance? Please help!!

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Earlobe Keloid Specialist?

Hi Donna.  With the previous surgeries, have they been performed by plastic surgeons?  That is one consideration when getting this surgery as you know because keloids do recur frequently.  

The other question we would have is if you were injected with steroids (kenalog) during the healing process to prevent recurrence of the keloids.  You may also want to consider using ocmpression after surgery to be more proactive in the redevelopment of the keloids.  

While there is no guarantee that any physician will be able to eliminate this problem, you may want to consider going outside of your insurance for the procedure to someone that will take these additional measures.

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Treatment of a recurrent keloid and finding a surgeon who can treat it effectively

If keloids are treated incompletely, they often recur with a larger size. It is quite probable that your treatments did not make proper use of the available modalities and that you did not have adequate long term followup. Even with appropriate treatment, these can recur up to a year and a half later.

A common, accepted and appropriate treatment can include surgical excision with immediate injection of steroid medication and then monthly followups with repeat injections as indicated. Some will use radiation therapy within 24 hours of surgical removal followed by additional sessions.

You may be able to find a plastic surgeon in your area by calling around and inquiring.

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Keloid surgery and non surgical options

Keloid surgery demands expertise in order to minimize post procedural recurrence.   Many keloids can be treated without surgery. Surgery90210

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