Can my ears be reduced so that they are proportionate with my face? (photo)

Sir actually my big ears in comparison with my face look embarrassing.can there be reduction so that they look perfect for my face?

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Options for Ear Reduction Otoplasty

While we can’t really reduce the size of the ears, we can make them less prominent by positioning them closer to the head.

Often, ears look too big only because they are projecting too far out from the sides of the head. The optimal degree of projection from the head is 10-15 degrees.

Overdevelopment of the ear cartilage causes the ears to stick out too far. Using surgical procedures, a certified plastic surgeon can remove some of the excess cartilage and reposition the ears to a proper angle. Additionally, there are a few major folds in the ear that determine the position of the outer ear. These folds can be underdeveloped resulting in projection too far out from the face.

If you are concerned about the size of your outer ear or earlobe, there are procedures to remove some excess tissue that can be done in combination with shifting the position of your ear to bring better balance and proportion to your face.

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Can my ears be reduced so that they are proportionate with my face?

It is difficult to tell if you are referring to macrotia, prominent ears, or a combination of both.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who regularly performs ear correction surgeries. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Reducing ear size

can certainly be done but you will have to accept scars that will be visible with a male haircut.  Make sure you understand the risks of the procedure before diving in.  See a local plastic surgeon for more information.

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Ear reduction: many ways to Rome

Prominent ears can be a source of embarressment. The most common complaint is that the ears flare out too far away from the head. This may be your case, although the views you provide are difficult to make that determination. Less commonly, patients also note that the earlobe itself is too large, too high, or too wide. This requires correction using techniques different from that involved with correcting ears that stick out too much. Seek expert consultation from a surgeon who has extensive experience in otoplasty. Best wishes.

C.W. David Chang, MD
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Can my ears be reduced so that they are proportionate with my face?

The ears can usually be reduced with otoplasty surgery. The views that you've posted appear to show that your ears are very prominent but other views and a consultation would be necessary to let you know exactly what can be done and what type of result you can expect.

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Ear Surgery

If your ears protrude from your head farther than you would like, the ears can be made less protruding with an otoplasty. An otoplasty makes the ears stay closer to your head. "pinned back"

I can't see the protrusion from the pictures, but it appears you may benefit from an otoplasty. The surgery takes about an hour and is performed as an outpatient procedure with anesthesia.

Best wishes

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