Worrying about Folding of Conchal Bowl After Otoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I underwent otoplasty 8 days ago. Bandages were removed 5 days post op. Today I met with my surgeon and told him that I worry about this weird folding in my ears and he said that it will go away on its own in 1 year! Really? I did not know that I will have to wait a year to feel good about my ears? Some doctors in this forum are saying that it has to be treated ASAP? What should I do? Go back and insist on him doing something about it? Thanks

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Worrying about Folding of Conchal Bowl After Otoplasty?

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The skin fold is from excess skin that occurs when some of the bowl cartilage is removed too bring prominent ears closer to the head. The fold will smooth out in one to two months. You surgeon should have let you know before the surgery so you wouldn't be concerned.

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Otoplasty: Conchal bowl

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Thank you for your question. I recommend that you follow your surgeon's instructions and not the advice of the internet. It does take approximately 1 year for scars to mature after surgery. In all likelihood, the ear skin will start to remodel and contract in about 6-8 weeks. It's only been 9 days. I wouldn't get too upset about it yet. If you are still concerned and you have had no progress, return to see your surgeon in a couple weeks for reassurance. I hope this helps. Best wishes.

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