How Can You Reduce the Size of Nostrils?

My nose really bothers me. My nostrils are very long and big. I get self conscious when people are looking at my side profile because my nostrils are unusually big. Also, with them being so big, they flare out a lot when I smile which makes my nose look really wide. I'm almost 16, but is that still too young for a rhinoplasty?

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Nostril Size and Shape Can Be Improved!

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The nostril size and shape can be improved using one of several techniques alone or in combination.

Nasal surgery must take the entire nose and face into account to come up with the best surgical solution.

Together with your parents involvement and approval, 16 can be a reasonable age to consider elective cosmetic nose surgery.

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How nostril size is reduced

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16 is not too young for rhinoplasty surgery especially for a female. Without a photo especially a worm's eye view that looks upward from below one cannot say what would be best in your case. The front to back length of the nostrils can be reduced by removing a section of cartilage within the strip of skin that lies between the nostrils and or shaving down the cartilage on the bridge of the nose. The left to right width of the nostril can be decreased by removing a small wedge of skin inside the nostril where the outer rim meets the upper lip.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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