Purplish-Blue Mark on Tip After Rhinoplasty

I Had Rhinoplasty Surgery on August 23rd 2010. I had to stay with the cast and tampons for about 8 days. I am now 4 days with out the cast and tampons. During the time i had the cast I didn't have any blue marks. Now, I have a purplish blue mark on the tip of my nose is that normal?

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Purple- Blue Tip Mark Post Rhinoplasty

The purple-blue mark on your tip3 weeks after rhinoplasty is probably bruising, but see your surgeon as soon as you can to make sure it is nothing more serious. Without a picture or knowing exactly what was done during surgery, it is difficult to make any other suggestions

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Rhinoplasty Result

It is difficult to see what you are talking about without photos.  I would recommend you post some photos for a more accurate answer.

You may have some bruising which is part of the surgery or you may be having a bigger problem.  Either way I would recommend calling your plastic surgeon.

Good luck.

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Nose tip darkening after cast removal

Without a physical examination, much less a photograph, it is impossible to guess what you are talking about. A darkening of the tip may be as simple as some bruising under the skin or as bad as tissue death and an impending ulcer. You should show this to your surgeon ASAP.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Bluish nose tip after srugery: notify your surgeon

Without a photo, it is difficult to assess whether this is a bruise or a sign of a more serious condition. Report this to your surgeon.

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