Does Recovering from a Rhinoplasty Feel Like Having a Cold?

My surgery is scheduled for august thirteenth and as of now I have a cold so I'm reminded if how much I truly hate that feeling so I'm hoping that's not he case for what recovery feels like.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Recovery from Rhinoplasty surgery is similar to having a cold. You will have congestion and feel heaviness and pressure in the mid face area. Rhinoplasty recovery is very easily tolerated by most patients and any discomfort is handled with mild pain relievers and proper post operative care. In your preoperative and consulting phase we spend at least an hour and go through all of your post operative instructions to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery. Best regards!

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Recovery after rhinoplasty

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I have had three rhinoplasties myself: two emergency and one delayed reconstruction.  The last one was the most like a cosmetic rhinoplasty.  After having undergone those experiences I now use internal splints made of sponge with breathing tubes in the middle.

The sponges absorb fluid and help stabilize the cartilage and soft tissues and the tubes allow the patient to breathe through the nose.  

This helps a lot to relieve the "I have a cold" symptom of congestion. 

When the packing is removed there will be runny nose and intermittent congestion episodes and you will want to sleep with your head up for a week (or longer if you are swollen).  You should feel like you don't have a cold by week 2 to week 6, depending on whether or not airway surgery was performed.


Hope this helps.

Rhinoplasty Feel Like Having a Cold

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The analogy is an apt one. For the first week or so, you will have bad congestion similar to a bad cold. Discuss your concern with your surgeon as there may be steps he/she can take to relieve partially this congestion.


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Immediately after the rhinoplasty procedure you will experience stuffiness of the nose. Yes, patients often compare  this  to having a bad cold. It is hard to breath through you nose due to swelling and clotting. Usually, patients have to breathe through the mouth for a while, which is something we are not used to on every day basis.  Please make sure to drink a lot of fluids to keep your mouth nice and moist.  After the surgery you will wake up with a splint on your nose. It will be removed after a week. You will notice  big difference after the splint gets removed. I do not pack nose inside (like most surgeons) AND THIS IS A GREAT HELP

Recovery From Rhinoplasty

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Dear Jlbunny,


After the surgery, you will have swelling and felling of heaviness in the middle of your face as well as congestion.


With pain killers on board and good post-op ambulation, you will be feeling similar symptoms as a mild cold's.


I encourage you to follow your surgeon's advises, do's and don'ts.


Best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Rhinoplasty recovery

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Recovery from rhinoplasty can be moderately uncomfortable. Many patients complain of "stuffiness" or congestion and a full feeling in their face.  Many of my patients only use tylenol for pain control.

Congestion is a Normal Part of the Recovery Following a Rhinoplasty

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Although most people do not have much pain after a rhinoplasty, almost everyone is fairly stuffy.It is not uncommon to be unable to breath at all through your nose for most of the first week following your surgery. The good news is that while I have many patients who are very concerned about this congestion at their preoperative visit (many ask if I will prescribe some Valium for them if they need it afterwards), almost no one seems too bothered by it afterwards. You get used to it pretty quickly, and it seems that if you know when it will go away (a week at the outside), it is not as bothersome as the uncertain congestion from a cold. The key is staying focused on the prize at the end (a great looking nose) and not on the annoyance of the journey. Best of luck.

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Rhinoplasty recovery

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Hi there,

Recovery from a rhinoplasty is pretty much like having a cold!  The good news is that usually, that's about as bad as it gets.  Bad news is that if you hate the feeling you get with a cold, you're not going to love the first post op week.


Good luck!

Congestion is the rule after rhinoplasty

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The outside of the nose will swell after rhinoplasty and so will the inside and nasal congestion is the rule for several weeks. If this is what  a cold feels like to you, then better prepare.

Recovery from a Rhinoplasty

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For 24hrs you will have cotton packing in each nostril and you will have to breath through your mouth. You will also have a cast which will then be removed 3-4 days after your procedure.

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