Extreme Discomfort After Rhinoplasty?

Hi, Im a 19 year old male who underwent rhinoplasty and I'm in big discomfort. I hate complaining and acting helpless, but I cant sleep at all and its very hard to breathe through my mouth. I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and bit my lips hard among other things. They are so swollen I have so much trouble drinking water and eating. What can I do to relieve the pressure inside my nose so I can get some rest :(. Please tell me this pressure inside goes away.

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Is it common to have extreme discomfort after rhinoplasty?

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In most people discomfort and pain after rhinoplasty settles 24-48 hours after the surgery. In patients where the nasal bones have been narrowed, termed osteotomies, a minority of patients may find some sensitivity and discomfort over the bridge of the nose intermittently for several weeks. In addition there is some swelling on the inside lining of the nose that can result in symptoms of congestion, this can result in headaches particularly in sensitive individuals if coupled with other conditions such as hay fever or sinusitis. These patients may benefit from a course of antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medications during the recovery period. There can be a wide variation in individual patient’s threshold for pain, most patients report only mild or minimal discomfort

Extreme discomfort following rhinoplasty surgery

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The discomfort following rhinoplasty is generally minimal and can be easily controlled with pain medication.  Typical side effects of rhinoplasty may include the following:

1) Mild pain
2) Congestion
3) Blood tinged discharge for 48-72 hours following surgery
4) Swelling
5) Numbness


The congestion can be helped with nasal sprays or irrigations.  I would use petroleum jelly for your lips and an over the counter spray or throat lozenges for your sore throat.  If your pain is severe, I would recommend a visit to your surgeon right away to rule out the possibility of any complications that may have occurred.  Thanks and I hope this helps!

Major Discomfort After Rhinoplasty

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Dear Alex,


Although I do not know how far are you into your recovery period, but the congestion that you feel inside your nose will go away.

Therefore, I encourage you to see your surgeon so he/she can make sure that you do not have old blood blocking your nasal passageways.

If this is the case, then clearing them is not of a complex procedure so you can feel relieved quickly.


Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Extream pain after nose job

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Its not at all common to be in such pain after nose job.I quite agree with Dr.Thomas Buonassisi, MD with the possibility of Septal haematoma to be the cause for such pain and nasal block.I am sure your surgeon can resolve the issue.Wishing you all the best

Pain after Rhinoplasty

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Its actually uncommon to have significant discomfort after Rhinoplasty. You should see your surgeon to rule out the possibility of a septal hematoma. This can be easily treated if that's the case. Your not complaining, your in pain . See your doctor.

Thomas Buonassisi, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Post rhinoplasty discomfort passes

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I don't know how long it's been since your surgery, but I suspect it was relatively recent, since your mouth and lips are still swollen. First of all, you should be seen by your surgeon to be sure you don't have a collection of blood in your nasal passageway that may need to be relieved. Once all the immediate postoperative swelling resolves, you should be quite comfortable.

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