Is it possible my right implant was put in crooked? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op from my second breast augmentation (went from 260cc saline, under, to 550cc saline under, high profile). My right side looks pointy and feels as though there is a peak/bubble very superficial on my areola, next to my nipple. It distorts the look of my breast, almost as if the implant was put in at an angle. Is this possible? Will my breast settle into place and correct itself, or is revision necessary? Thank you.

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Crooked implant?

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Since your implants are likely round, they really can't be put in crooked. It may be that you are feeling a ripple (wrinkle) in the implant or possibly even the fill valve of the implant if your skin and breast tissue are thin.  I have also seen a patient who had a defect develop in the otherwise intact muscle covering which resulted in a portion of the implant protrude closer to the surface.  It wasn't visible but could be felt by the patient.  Check with your surgeon and I'll bet they can give you an answer after an exam.

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Both sides look pointy by your definition.  Based on the photos that you are sharing, I do not see the peak/bubble that you are seeing.  Round implants cannot be placed crooked.  Its more about the pocket that was created and how the implants sit in that pocket.  I would ask your surgeon to take look at your before photos and review this with you and your concern. Hope this helps. 


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If your implants are round, then they can only really magnify the differences between the two sides.  

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