Very Unhappy With Tip Plasty Results 1 Month Post Op, Can Anything Be Done? (photo)

I had a nose job done a month ago. I thought I was going to the best because he is chief of plastic surgery at a hospital,but I was wrong! He says that my skin was thin & my tip cartilage was so screwed up, thats why my pre-nose was very boxy. Now my nose is going back to the exact nose I had. I dont get i? He told me that if I wanted it fixed he would have to put more stitches in there, but he'd need to open me up again!He says my nose was so bad that this is the best I can get? What can I do?

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Unhappy with Tip 1 Month Post Rhinoplasty

I don't know what your tip looked like before your surgery or what had to be done during the operation but it is likely you will need some additional surgery. We typically suggest that a patient wait about 1 year to see the final result before scheduling a revision. You may want to get a second opinion, preferably with a surgeon who specializes in revision rhinoplasty.

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Unhappy tip surgery

After you fully heal there are solutions to the tip shape, though it will likely require a second opinion. The tip was not 'screwed up', it is just that the tip reflects the form of the cartilages beneath. Do your homework and find a surgeon with a focus on rhinoplasty.

Best of luck, Peter Johnson MD

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Be patient, do your homework!

First, be patient, you are very early in the post-op period. Most surgeons would advising waiting 6-12 months before considering revision. Second, seek a second opinion with a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a very difficult procedure to master and you need to make sure your surgeon has a passion for rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, titles or even board certification is not enough. Experience matters!

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Rhinoplasty request

Without being in your surgery, I do not know what your surgeon did exactly or what your nose looked like before surgery. At this point you have to give it time to heal. You will probably have to wait about 1 year before considering a revision.

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