Is It Possible to Raise the Crease on the Chest Wall when Performing a Breast Lift?

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Raising the crease?

Yes, absolutely. i do this on a routine basis. However, there are certain patients that it creates an issue. patients who have lost a lot weight have a lot of loose skin below the breasts and over the ribs. When this skin is raised sometimes it will "gather" extra skin towards the sides of the chest. You can think of this as a "dog ear". In order to remove this extra skin the scar needs to be extended towards the side and even onto the back in some cases. Also, there are some patients who are simply "built" differently and it is not possible to raise the crease successfully.

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The crease is the junction of the breast with chest wall

If the surgical technique raises the breast tissue then the crease will move up.  The goal of breast reduction or lifts is to elevate your breast tissue.  The results are more youthful, athletic and attractive appearance.  This is done routinely in my practice.

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Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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A breast lift is a wonderful operation.  It is also challenging, therefore you need to be sure to see

a board certified plastic surgeon.  A breast lift (called a mastopexy) requires moving the nipple/areola

higher up, lifting the breast tissue up and removing skin and sometimes breast tissue to tighten 

your breast and hold them up on your chest.  There is a procedure that is called a vertical mastopexy

that will limit the scaring on the underside of your breast and allow the breast fold to be moved

up on your chest.  Even though the scarring is limited, it will increase the larger your breasts are.

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The crease under the breast can be raised

Yes - this is possible. The best reason to raise the crease is if you have a long chest and a short abdomen. Then putting the whole breast (nipple, crease, everything) higher looks better proportionally. Another good reason to raise the crease is for patients who have had previous augmentation where the crease had been surgically lowered, which over time can have a fattening appearance by covering the upper ribs and creates a matronly look. Usually this can be performed from the inside of the breast without a scar.

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Breast fold issues

During some breat lift techniques, the fold actually raises.  It all depends upon the technique.  Why specifically do you want the fold raised?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Lifting and Raising Inframmammary Fold?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to raise the inframammary fold when performing breast lifting surgery.  During breast lifting surgery  it is important to correctly “physician” the nipple/areola complexes in relation to the inframammary fold areas. For example, if the nipple/areola complexes are moved superiorly, generally the and from memory. This also be moved superiorly in order to achieve a athletically pleasing appearance of the lower breast poles. If this is not done, the distance from the nipple/areola complexes to the inframammary folds may be too high causing the nipples to be “pointing upwards” (stargazing).

I hope this answers the question.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Breast crease during lift

If you mean the inframammary fold or where the lower part of the breast sits on the chest then it depends on the technique. Certain techniques using the anchor or invert-T scar lift do not usually change the position of the crease but the way the tissue is resected in a reduction can help raise the crease. Others like the vertical lift technique can raise the level of the crease. 

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Raising the breast fold with breast lift

Actually is is difficult to raise the breast fold proper with a breast lift. Depending on the shape of the skin envelope we can reduce the distance from the nipple to the fold which will raise the lower pole of the breast.

Best of luck, Peter Johnson, MD


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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