Guidelines for markings before mastopexy

Note: I am not a fluent english speaker, pls excuse my mistakes. Hello, I am a mother of 2, 32 years old, I had breastfed for 4 years, and after weaning, my breast are very deflated and saggy. When I lay down my skin gathers awfull. I am from S Europe, and my only option, please don't ask my why,  for mastopexy is a doctor from my town, which is a brilliant doctor, well knowed for his results in plastic surgery, but with a smaller experience in breast surgery. I trust him because I've seen reconstructed hands, legs and faces, and the results and the scars are amazing. I've only saw a mastopexy made by him 20 years ago, and I couldn't believe how beautifull it was. So, I trust him as very good surgeon, but I need to be sure the markings before surgery are made correct. Could you help me with a few guidelines, on how the markings on t shaped mastopexy without implants are made? And another one: he told me he will make me an internal bra. Is the internal bra suited for my breasts? Thank you in advance for your answers!

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Markings before Mastopexy Suggestions?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

Based on the description of your plastic surgeon ( regarding experience level and competency)  I would suggest that you not be overly concerned with the  “markings before mastopexy”.  You will find that every plastic surgeon has a different “technique” in regards to preoperative markings.  this technique may  not be that used by your chosen plastic surgeon. Therefore, any advice you receive online regarding this matter will only confuse and/or increase your anxiety.

Generally, it is important to have confidence/trust in your plastic surgeon;  otherwise your entire experience will be unnecessarily stressful and you will find yourself second-guessing every decision/recommendation.

I have attached some examples of how I do preoperative markings;  again, this is not to suggest that my method is the only and/or best way of doing things.

I hope this helps.



If you choose your surgeon well, the details should fall into place

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Hi there-

If you are as confident as you sound in your surgeon's skill and experience, you should not have anxiety over the markings or other technical details. Trust that he knows what he's doing.


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