How Long After my Breast Lift Can I Shower?

The literature my doc gave me says i cant get my breasts wet for 6 weeks. I can't imagine not showering for that length of time. Are there options?

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Showering after breast lift

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Different surgeons have different techniques.   In my practice, I utilize Dermabond Tape to seal the incisions.  Its a "water-sealing" mesh tape that covers and seals the incision from the external environment.   I clear my patients to shower the next morning.      I do not recommend any soaking or time in a bathtub at all.   Hope this helps.

Dr. Basu

With all my surgeries and all my patients, I encourage them to shower the next day.

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It seems funny to me when I hear that doctors and nurses tell their patients not to get their wounds wet for l to 2 to even 6 weeks after surgery. With few exceptions such a skin grafting I encourage my patients to shower the day after surgery. I do not want them getting into a tube an immersing their wounds. Soap and water is what I scrub my hands with before surgery so it should be good for the patients skin after surgery. Actually I encourage the patients to wash their wounds with soap and water and if they have sutures, which most don't, to place antibiotic ointment  on their sutures. I especially want them to wash around their drains and apply fresh ointment around the drains at least two times a day. 

But if your surgeon wants it another way, more power to them. What works best in each surgeons hands is the best approach. 

Showering after Breast Lift?

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Thank you for the question.

I would certainly suggest that you follow your plastic surgeon's recommendations  even though you will  undoubtedly  receive differing “opinions” online and elsewhere.

As far as "options" are concerned  most of my patients use creative bathing techniques including lower body bathing, upper body “baby towels” and assisted hair washing. Some patients have fashioned upper body plastic “tube tops" (Seran wrap…) to keep the breasts covered while in the shower briefly.

Again, it will be best for you to check with your plastic surgeon specifically;  if you are doing well and healing without complications he/she may be able to alter the  time back to showering rule.

Best wishes.

When Can I Shower After Breast Lift Surgery?

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In my practice, I place tegaderm dressings on the incisions. I allow and encourage my patients to shower the next morning after surgery. I do not allow them to immerse the breasts (bath tub, hot tub or pools) until the incisions are completely sealed. This may take several weeks and I follow and examine them closely and determine when the incisions are sealed.Good luck.


Bathing after breast lift

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I usually have my patients limit showering until drains are removed. Once the drains are removed, I let them shower.  I do not let them soak in a bath for 3-4 weeks.

Shower after breast lift

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We let our patients shower the day after breast lift. We have long ago given up on drains, and there is no reason soap and water would harm the incision line.

Best of luck,

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