How would you treat the long indented scar on my forehead from a car accident 25 years ago? (photo)

25 years ago a car accident caused this (long indented scar) on my forehead. I had plastic surgery after the accident. 5 years after my surgery I was told that there's nothing more they could do for my scar. I was "devastated" and give up looking for an answer (until now). Surgical procedures have dramatically changed in 25 years. Recently, a plastic surgeon recommended (Z-plasty) to revise the scar and (permanent fillers) to elevate the indented areas. Thank you, for taking the time to respond to this request...

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Forehead scar

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Your scar runs vertical which is the opposite to natural lines, that is part of the problem. The depression means that the underlying tissues, possibly muscle, is not properly approximated. So, what you need is a scar excision then multi layer closure to fill the depression and finally an irregular Z-plasty closure to break up and thus optically camouflage the scar. Any other treatment, such as lasers, would only give you some improvement at a high cost. Wish you the best.

Sacramento Facial Plastic Surgeon

Scar Treatment

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Laser treatments and/or a series of microneedling or subcision would be needed for this.  You will get improvement but may not get complete removal, as this is a scar.  A cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon with experience in scar treatments is needed.  We would gladly see you in our office.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Scar reduction

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Your scars can be improved with a series of laser treatments. Seek the expertise of a dermatologist with advanced training in lasers. In your area, I would consider seeing Dr. Suzanne Kilmer, she has great experience with this type of procedure.

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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Forehead Scar Revision

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I do think that there is siginificant mprovement that can be achieved with your forehead scars.  A scar revision procedure that would involve excising the old scar and using advanced plastic closure techniques such as serial Z-plasty, geometric broken line closure could giv e you dramatic improvement in the color, countour and orientation of the scars. I will often recommend resurfacing (i.e., laser or dermabrasion) the revised scar   at 8 weeks after the initial scar revision.  Fillers would only be necessary if any areas of the scar remain depressed relative to the surrounding normal skin, which would hopefully be avoided.  

Bryan Ambro, MD
Annapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

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