What is the procedure to get a Monroe Piercing hole less noticeable? (photos)

I have had a monroe piercing for 4 years and I took it off 4 years ago. So the hole I still have in my face is there to stay. I am not interested in getting it sutured because i am afraid the vertical scar would be worse. I heard that if i get it re-pierced in the same hole, and take out the jewelery right after, the hole would shrink and probably heal more nicely as the skin tunel would be gone. I am not looking for a perfect result, just want it to be less deep and less noticeable. Thank you!

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Resurfacing of piercing defect

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You have two options. The fastest would be to use a 2mm punch excision and remove the entire tunel and close it with a single 6-0 nylon suture. The scar from a  2mm punch usually heals beautifully. We use this approach in acne scar surgery frequently without any problems. 
Your other option is to resurface the scar with the ultrapulse co2 laser. It generally takes 2-3 treatments. This procedure will de-epithelize the tunel and during the healing process your tunel will apear less noticible. 

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What is the procedure to get a Monroe Piercing hole less noticeable?

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Frist you need to have realistic expectations! There will NEVER be a "perfect" result!!!! There will be a small scar.. So go from that point forward... 

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