2 hernia repair, tummy tuck, gastric bypass. Can they all be done at the same time?

I have umbilical hernia and lower abdomen hernia, I've had 5 ceserean sec. Umbilical hernia repair,gallbladder removed and partial hysterectomy. I'm 44yrs old and take metformin for diabetes. Can 1 surgeon do all 3-4 procedures?

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Multiple procedures

Thank you for your question.  No, you cannot combine a bypass procedure with a tummy tuck and no you should not have the same surgeon do both procedures.   You should consult with a board certified bariatric general surgeon regarding the hernias and gastric bypass.  Once you have lost your all of your weight, you should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for body contouring.   The hernias may be able to be repaired during the bypass or at the same time as your tummy tuck.  Best to ask the general surgeon regarding the hernias.  Good luck.  

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If you are undergoing a gastric bypass, then you will lose weight and then at that point when your weight is stable you can undergo a tummy tuck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Multiple surgeries at once

Your title suggests you might want your 2 hernias repaired at the same time as a tummy tuck and gastric bypass surgery.  Your question suggests you want your 2 hernias repaired at the same time as removal of your gallbladder and a partial hysterectomy.  In either case I would think it would be nearly impossible for one surgeon to suggest they can do it all at once, nor should they, in my opinion.  Safety first.

Eric Mariotti, MD
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Multiple procedures

A tummy tuck, if needed, can be combined with hernia repairs, but after gastric bypass and associated weight loss.

An exam and consultation with a plastic and general surgeon who performs these procedures is recommended to confirm you are a candidate as well as discuss your options and expectations.

Harry T. Haramis, MD, FACS
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Tummy tuck after

If you are going to have a gastric bypass, you would want to wait until you have lost the weight you are going to lose.

Ethan Philpott, MD
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Multiple Abdominal Procedures with Tummy Tuck

As long as you are not having problems or symptoms from the hernias, it makes the most sense to have the gastric bypass and then address the other issues AFTER you have lost the weight.  The difference in the result you will get from any body contouring procedure, and especially tummy tuck, after significant weight loss, is dramatic.  Losing the weight first makes it much easier to achieve a lasting beautiful result.  The impact of scars from prior surgeries may be easier to manage as the skin changes position, but this will need to be evaluated in person by your surgeon. It is easier to fix the hernias after weight loss as well, and this can usually be done by your plastic surgeon as it goes hand in hand with the abdominal wall repair that we routinely perform at the time of tummy tuck.  It is quite likely that your need for medicine to control diabetes may change as a result of your weight loss, and many of my patients have normal blood sugar control without the need for medicine as they lose weight after gastric bypass.  It is important to be patient and be prepared that you may feel you look worse as the skin becomes loose with weight loss, but know that you will be a much better candidate for a procedure that will give you truly life changing results if you lose the weight first and allow things to stabilize. Good luck with your transformation!

Kerry Owens, MD
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Combined surgeries

The idea is to have an abdominoplasty after you have lost weight resulting from the gastric bypass.  Therefore, the procedures cannot be combined. It is common for a plastic surgeon to repair hernias during abdominoplasty.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Hernias, tummy tuck and gastric bypass?

First stage is usually the gastric bypass possibly with hernia repair.  After the weight loss has stabilized then the tummy tuck can be performed.  Abdominoplasty and hernia repair can frequently be performed together.

Michelle Zweifler, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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