Tummy Tuck while lactating, is it okay to pump and dump after the surgery?

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck next month and am still lactating. I have lost all pregnancy weight, my weight is stable and I am fine with not providing breastmilk for my baby after surgery. Is it okay for me to provide milk for him until my surgery and pump and dump the milk after surgery? I may not have the opportunity to have this much needed surgery in the future.

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Lactating & Tummy Tuck Surgery

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It should be fine to breast feed your child until surgery provided your doctor doesn't put you on any pre-op medications, and them pump and dump after surgery. 


Kouros Azar

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Tummy Tuck while lactating, is it okay to pump and dump after the surgery?

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You can certainly do this and it should not present a problem. Discuss the timing of how long to dump your breast milk with your child's pediatrician before resuming breastfeeding. You will certainly want to wait until several days after you have stopped taking any medications. 

Tummy Tuck while lactating.

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If you are breast feeding through your tummy tuck, you can pump ahead to store breast milk, and the rule is to pump and discard the milk for a day or two after so the anesthesia and medications clear your system. Lactation societies have good information for you on this strategy. 

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Lactating while having surgery

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If you can store some milk ahead of time for your baby, it will allow continuity of breast milk (be sure to store it properly).  If you are still lactating on the day of surgery, be sure to bring your pump in to the surgery center and pump your breasts right before surgery and again right after to prevent painful breast engorgement.  Then go back to your regular pumping schedule (every 3-5 hours).   Immediately after surgery, it is good to dump the milk.  Ask your anesthesia provider to guide you as to when it would be safe for your baby to drink your breast milk again.  Best wishes!.

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