Make Pug Nose Look Beautiful?

What rhinoplasty technique is used for making a pug nose drop down a little bit? Will the bridge have to be flattened? Is cartilage added to the tip or is the skin around the nose just moved around so the nostrils don't show as much? Is this an easy nose job, or difficult?

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Improving a Pug Nose

A "pug" nose is usually short with an over-rotated tip and scooped out bridge line. Typically the nose is lengthened, the bridge line augmented, and the tip defined with the use of cartilage grafts taken from the patient's septum, ears, or ribs. Experience is important because this is a challenging procedure for the surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty and nasal cartilage

Without photos or a face to face examination it is impossible to know what the problem is or to make any specific recommendations. It sounds like to much or your nostrils are visible on a frontal view. There are a numerous techniques available to correct this including grafts or implants to the bridge, batton grafts between the septum and the tip cartilages, cartilage grafts to the tip etc. There is no way to know which would be most applicable in your case without photos or a face to face examination.

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Pug nose improvement

Without an exam it is difficult to offer suggestions. However, lengthening of the nose can be performed using several different techniques.

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Make Pug Nose Look Beautiful?

  Photos, of your nose, from the front and side would make the evluation easier.  A scooped out nasal bridge with an over-roated nasal tip seems to be what you are describing in Rhinoplasty terms.  The nasal tip should be under-rotated through a columellar tuck along with possible conchal cartilage ear graft to lengthen the nose.  This can further be modified by building up the nasal bridge.  I prefer straight, silastic dorsal implants for their reliability over the long term.  Be sure that the Rhinoplasty Surgeon, you select, understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty.  

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How to Make a Pug Nose Look more Attractive?

A classic button or pug nose generally consists of a short nose whose tip is upturned resulting in the ability of others to look into the nose. To this may be added a depressed or scooped dorsum.

The solutions involve
- lengethening the nose with septum cartilage (spreader grafts)
- de-rotating the tip so it faces lower
- tip rhinoplasty with refinement of the cartilages of the tip to make it less ball-like

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

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Improving an upturned nose

Treating the "pug", over-rotated, or foreshortened nose is typically quite difficult and should be done by a rhinoplasty surgeon with expertise in treating this problem. Surgery usually involves structurally supporting the tip so that the tip can be brought down and kept in its new position. Other factors such as tip projection, bridge fullness and columellar show can also be addressed at the same time.

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