Which Procedure is Best for my Neck?

I am in my late 30's and I am bothered by the skin between my neck and chin and would like a more youthful look I have read a lot about trampoline lift and full neck lift as well as a hin implant and lipo. There is sagging skin between my chin and neck and it is only going to get worse. The Trampoline lift reviews are not making me feel confident in the procedure so Im not confident that shhould even be a consideration. What would be the best procedure for the sagging skin between the neck and chin?

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Neck lift

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I would recommend a neck lift with platysmal tightening medially. It would be best to get a complete evaluation from a qualified surgeon.

Which Procedure is Best for my Neck?

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   Botox may help with the bands.  A neck lift would be a more definitive treatment.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Options for improving loose neck skin in the younger patient

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Options for loose neck skin in the younger patient -
The lax skin in your upper neck can be approached directly by a less invasive facelift in the miniface lift category The least invasive would be a mini-facelift. My own personal preference and in my hands the one with the least invasive approach is a Lite Lift which is performed in my office under local anesthesia with some oral sedation without the need for IV sedation or general anesthesia

Neck Contour in your 30's

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Based on your photos it seems your neck contour problem is caused by some early visible platysma muscle bands.  These can be tightened from a small incision just under the chin or an incision behing the ears, which would also allow tightening of the neck skin.  Be aware that someone with minimal body fat and a thin neck may always tend to have visibility of muscle fibers in the neck.  Also, the submandibular salivary glands under the jaw on each side can often show as a rounded fullness in thin necks.  The trampoline lift is one of a few new minimally invasive procedures to tighten the muscles under the chin.  Long term results are not really available as yet.  Your best choice will depend on your actual anatomy, and your surgeon can discuss all possible options after a thorough examination and conversation about your goals.

Correcting Early Age-Related Skin Changes in the Neck: Consider Botox

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For many women, the first signs of significant facial/neck aging are the skin changes between the chin and voicebox area.  Folds of skin and bands may appear.

What is actually happening to many patients in this age range is that the platysma muscle is forming bands or cords and pulling the skin down with the muscle.  This makes it look like the skin is loose when it often is not.

I prefer to treat young patients with isolated early neck bands with Botox or Dysport.  When injected along the bands, patients often note dramatic improvement in neck appearance and can avoid surgery.  This procedure takes just a few minutes and costs only a few hundred dollars.  Maintenance is required, but the results are quite good!

If you are a young person with good skin and neck bands, consider trying this non-surgical approach first!

Treatment of Lines in the Neck in Someone in Their 30"s

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There are a number of methods of treating bands in the neck in someone your age. Yours appear to be caused by the platysma muscle, the superficial muscle of the neck. They can be ameliorated by pulling the muscle back up under the ear if the ligament that holds the muscle suspended has stretched. This requires a modified mini-facelift. If the bands are from separation of the muscles centrally, then a simple undermining of the central neck to separate the muscle from the skin and suturing the muscles together will solve the problem. You have no excess fat on your neck and, therefore, liposuction will not solve your problem. There is also no machine yet developed that will tighten this muscle for more than a very short time. From your pictures, your chin appears adequate. Therefore, you would not want to do anything to it. See a Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in facial and neck rejuvenation.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Less is More

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From the photos you sent, your major issue appears to be platysmal bands and not much in the way of loose skin. Have you tried Botox for the bands?

A non-surgical skin tightening may help whatever loose skin you have. If that is unsuccessful or if you want something more permanent, a minimal necklift such as a MACS-Lift may also be something to consider for the loose skin. At the same time a suturing of the bands could be done.


Best of success!



George Sanders, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 12 reviews

Neck lift in late 30's

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There are essentially 3 options for treatment of the aging neck:

  • Facelift
  • Necklift/Minilift
  • Neck Liposuction

Each has advantages and disadvantages and can be performed in a variety of nuanced ways. There are few people that are actually good candidates for neck liposuction alone. My criteria for neck liposuction alone is age under 45 years and neck fullness from extra fat (not just skin laxity). My patients also wear a face-neck support garment following surgery for 4 weeks.

The most common procedure in your age group is a Necklift. This is essentially a "mini" facelift in that less skin elevation is performed. Liposuction of the neck is a standard part of this surgery as well (no extra charge). It must be emphasized that there is no comparison to the results from a Facelift procedure. The Necklift is designed for treatment of fairly mild neck complaints, and does a good job in suitable patients. If you are not a suitable candidate, you may be disappointed with the limited results.

Andrew Winkler, MD
Lone Tree Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Best Neck Procedure For Someone in Their 30's With Sagging Skin

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There are many options available to you from excising a small amount of skin from just underneath the chin, liposuction of the neck, placement of a chin implant, or some version of a neck lift. The best option requires an appointment and consultation with a board certified surgeon. Given the variety of options, seeing someone who does computer imaging may be helpful in that they could show you the array of results that each procedure might provide. Best of luck.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
Greenwood Village Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.4 out of 5 stars 28 reviews

Which Procedure is Best for my Neck?

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 I have performed Face Lifts and Neck Lifts for 25 years and you are correct...full Neck Lifts are very invasive, especially in a 30 year old.  The loose skin, of the neck, can be reduced by excising an ellipse of skin just below the chin.  Excess fat can be removed using micro-liposuction and if the chin is weak, a Chin Implant can create aesthetic balance and improvement to the entire lower face.  I perform many minimal incision, minimally invasive Face  and neck Lifts (Celebrity Face Lift).  This approach is far less invasive and would seem more in line with a 30 year old's needs aesthetically.  Hope this helps.  

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