Just Bump or Lump, or Blood Clot or Hematoma, or Just Swelling on my Left Neck? (photo)

I posted similar questions and found out the pictures did not capture the condition on my left neck. Overall after surgery, I got more swollen on the left than right side. Left neck has some bump with a deep line. The line will go away over time? It is hard to comment when you cannot see me in flesh and blood, yet I tried to capture it by comparing the right neck with left neck with pictures. Would you be willing to identify the lumps and suggest anything other than see my surgeon abroad?

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Necklift: bump, lump or blood clot or just swelling.

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hello MexicoAmericadisaster

The best way to diagnose what is wrong is going for an inpatient consultation with your PS. #lumps #swelling

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Lump, Bump, Swelling or Clot After Neck Surgery

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It's hard to say from the photos and in part depends on when your surgery took place. In reality, only your surgeon knows exactly what was done during surgery and is in the best position to answer your questions (he or she knows what was done in this area during the surgery that would explain what we see in the pictures). If he or she is not near where you live, I would email them the pics and see what they have to say.Good luck.

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From your pictures it’s hard to determine obviously, but still on sure what type of surgery you had. Without having a clear history it’s hard to say. It does not look like a hematoma or blood clot. You didn’t mention how long it’s been since your surgery and the procedure done. Very important information is needed to be able to give you advice.


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