My Lips Don't Close Naturally. What Procedure Will Fix my Mouth?

My lips are always open, I find it really difficult to keep My lips closed, I have a receding chin, Overbite, gummy smile, cross bite, high pallet and a short philtrum, I cant afford jaw surgery to fix my gummy smile and overbite etc so i am thinking of getting lip implants big enough to cover my teeth when my mouth is relaxed, Will this work? Im so self conscious and i hate smiling i look like a horse, Please help :(

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Gummy smile

Save your funds for possible  "gummy smile surgery"  which should not be that much more expensive than lip implants. The other problems you describe may be costly to fix. You should be evaluated by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

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Open mouth

There are many reasons for having an open mouth an inability to close properly. This is often related to the maxilla and mandible relations.  Withotu a formal exam and more than likely a need for cephalometirc studies, it is a difficult question to answer.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Lip aesthetics

Lip implants will not fix this condition. It sounds like you know what needs to be done. Unfortunately the limited view photo you posted does not allow any assessment of the situation so there is no way to know what all your options are.

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