When Should Facelift Sutures Be Removed?

How Many Days Post Op from a Facelift Should Sutures in Front of Ears Be Removed, for the best possible chance of limited scarring? Thank you

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Suture Removalf after Face Lift or Necklift

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We like to remove the potentially visible sutures 6 days after facelifting. I do not think that 1 day plus or minus will make a dramatic difference. Appropriate incision placement and careful incision suturing is of superior importance.

Personally, I believe that the suture material chosen will have an impact on the final scarline, too.

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Suture Removal After Facelift

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I generally remove preauricular (in front of ear) sutures 4-6 days after surgery.   We being scar massage therapy 2-3 weeks later.

Suture Removal on Facelift

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I typically remove my skin sutures at 4-5 days after surgery.   Depending on a patients skin characteristics and wound healing capabilities, I may wait until a week if it is in the best interest of the patient.   I do place several deep dissolvable sutures to take tension off the skin closure.   I find that this significantly reduces scar widening due to tension and allows me to remove the skin level sutures early enough to minimize the railroad track appearance.

I wish you a safe and happy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Five to seven days is optimal.

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Dear Brookien

I personally use a combination of running and interrupted sutures in front of the ears where things are very visible.  That way I can remove most of the running suture on the 4th day and take out the interrupted surgery a couple of days later.  This works very well in my hands.  But here is the thing.  Things work differently for different surgeons.  Certainly I would personally be concerned if the bulk of the these sutures are not out be day 7.  You surgeon should be very open to discussing this.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Sutures after facelift

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Sutures after a facelift are removed between 5-7 days. There are many more absorbable sutures beneath the skin which do most of the hard work and dissolve over time.

Facelift suture removal

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In this age sutures in front of the ear are less common.  Now with buried sutures and tissue glue there are very few sutures to remove.  I typically remove the limited skin sutures out in one week.

All the best,

Tal Raine MD FACS

Suture Removal Timing for Best Results

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The timing for suture removal after Facelift is important to set up the incision line for minimal scar: too soon and incision may separate and the scar may spread.  If we leave the sutures in too long, there can be marks from the sutures or foreign body irritation that leads to scar thickening.

Most Facelift surgeons will use a low reactive suture material (polypropylene or nylon) of relatively delicate caliber in front of the ear and then remove the sutures at 5-7 days.

There may be some variation in the judgment of the surgeon, for managing tension in the closure or for skin type.

Suture Removal After Facelift

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Hi BrookeinCO-

It depends on the type of suture used to close the skin. Generally speaking 5-7 days.


Tom Kaniff

In Most Cases: 4-6 Days

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A variety of wound closure techniques are utilized when facelift procedures are performed. In most cases deep absorbable sutures are used in combination with superficial non absorbable sutures which require removal.
In most cases non absorbable sutures are removed in 4 to 6 days following surgery. This approach helps minimize the potential for cross hatching and scarring. It’s important to realize that each patients situation is unique and for this reason care needs to be individualized.

Suture removal after facelift surgery

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In my practice facelift sutures are removed 7 days post op. Then scar treatment begins two weeks later using special creams. Other surgeons prefer early removal of facelift sutures, I have not had any issue with taking them at 7 day post op.

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