Pouches Under Mouth (Age 25) - Options?

Hi! I'm a woman, age 25, just starting to notice the first signs of aging, and unfortunately, those are most noticeable under my mouth! I've attached a photo for reference. If you look in the photo underneath my lips you can see two sort of "pouches" or indentations (more so on one side than the other). I'm not sure if these are early marionette lines? These pouches lend an unhappy/bitter look to my face and age me. What can be done? Botox, filler? Open to any and all suggestions!

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Restylane or Juvederm for skin indentations

I treat this problem all the time. What appears to you as "pouches" is not actually pouching but a result of indentation of your skin underneath, creating the illusion that you have a pouch above. The indentation is usualy due to hyperactive muscles, loss of collagen and poor skin elasticity with age. The treatment is simple and quite effective using either juvederm or restylane to fill in the indentations thus making the entire area between you lip and chin appear more even and smooth. I sometimes even use perlane if the indentations are quite deep.

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