How to Prevent Fibrous Papules on my Nose from Growing Back?

Hi there, im a 22 yr old Asian, and have undergone my 2nd electrocautery to remove the fibrous scars on my nose (For cosmetic reasons).. However, i am really worried that the fibrous bumps grew back after a while, which indeed happned after my first electrocautery session. Thus, i am rather curious is there any facial products that u guys may know that can help to alleviate/prevent the the bumps from growing back? I have a REALLY OILY skin, thus v active oil glands =((

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Treating and preventing fibrous papules on the nose

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The fibrous papule on the nose is likely what we call an angiofibroma, which is quite common on the nose and benign. Electrocautery is considered the treatment of choice, although sometimes shave excision can be helpful as well, and even liquid nitrogen on occasion. There is no great way to prevent the lesions from recurring or new ones from forming, although I find that after 1-2 treatments, the lesion is typically gone or dramatically reduced for a very long time if not permanently. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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